2BalanceU by Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste
delivers innovative solutions for bringing
one's best self to all aspects of their life and work.


Humans have an amazing capacity to thrive when provided the tools for greater understanding of both body and mind. 2BalanceU supports Corporations, Individuals and Innovators in pursuit of optimized wellbeing.

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2BalanceU empowers companies to meet the growing challenge of presenteeism in the contemporary workplace—lost productivity as a result of health-related issues, disengagement and distraction—employees show up physically but are not fully present. Some studies estimate presenteeism accounts for 75% of productivity lost, with absenteeism accounting for the balance.

Dr. Forbes Öste's Wellbeing and Social Strategy solutions for employees of all professional levels benefit business bottom lines and corporate culture.


Dr. Forbes Öste provides unique insight for developers of wellbeing devices and apps into their market, UX design and communications for tool creation and successful launch. 2BalanceU’s Wellbeing Tech product guides support better adoption and success rates. Based on Dr. Forbes Öste’s process for assisting users match their personal needs and profile, solutions achieve a more fluid experience for the user.

Dr. Forbes Öste's Product Reviews, Advisory and Workshops deliver the experience, approach and insight that provide the edge your innovation needs to reach and succeed with your best potential users. 



2BalanceU provides innovative programs that provide the rare ability to unleash your best self into your life and work despite the cycles of energy, power and focus that come from chronic condition flair-ups. Dr. Forbes Öste's programs combine her doctoral research and personal experience with managing S.A.D., chronic Lyme and chronic pain.

2BalanceU Optimizing YOU Programs derive from behavioral science, wellbeing technology and an passion for learning to thrive amidst challenges. OPTIMIZING POWER DAYS start Jan 19!


Dr. Heidi Forbes Öste is a behavioral scientist who works with wellbeing technologies and innovations that enhance ability to be one’s best. She combines 25 years experience in social technologies and social strategy for organizations with research in presenteeism, wearable well-being tech development and user experience design.

She connects individuals with solutions that seamlessly fit their needs and user experience, corporate wellbeing providers with innovative solutions that match their employees needs and innovators with insight into human and organization behavior that impact their solutions ability to succeed. A scholar, practitioner, connector and global citizen, Heidi lives by the motto: Knowledge is Power, Sharing is Powerful.


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