Digital Self Mastery for Organizations

Designing for digital Wellbeing & Ethics

Thomas Bronasky, CEO, Interactive Recreation

digital self mastery for teams

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Heidi is an asset to any organization as both a technology expert and as a leader. She has amazing technical skills from graphic visualization to wearable technology to project management. Heidi has never met a form of technology she did not like and could not conquer. As a natural leader, Heidi makes things happen. She has a drive to get things accomplished in the best way, not the way it has always been done. She makes decisions quickly and enacts them effortlessly. She efficiently gathers data, asks the right people the right questions and researches gaps. She has resilience and adapts as needed, even if it means completely changing the path. She takes feedback and redirects to as needed to complete the goal. Heidi has an innate ability to create excitement about projects and ideas. She organizes events that get people enthused to attend and to collaborate, whether they travel across the hall or across the world. She is an excellent communicator and diplomat. She has an amazing presence that makes everyone feel welcome. Heidi’s technical skills and leadership are valuable for any organization.
— Kerry Mitchell, PhD