2BalanceU Publishing

Is your life's work sitting on a shelf?
Are you concerned about monetizing your hard earned PhD
after so much precious time and money invested? 

I was determined to not let this happen.   That is why I published my dissertation and a companion book directed at a non-academic audience.  Others have asked me how to do this, and thanks to technology,  an amazing team of editors and copywriters and a system, I am now ready to help others the best way I know how. As I always say, Knowledge is Power. Sharing is Powerful. 


Publish to Best-seller

Have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.  Let us help you publish your dissertation and user-friendly companion and boost them to best seller in 3 months.  Don't wait until those student loan payments come due and your research is outdated.  


unpack your brilliance

Unpacking the brilliance in a language that will resonate with your audience can be challenging after such intense focus.  Let our editors and copywriters help you unpack your brilliance in a story that will reach your ideal client and audience.


your best marketing tool

Get invited to share your work as best-selling author and authority on your unique research and knowledge.  The power of a book as a communication and clarity tool is within your reach..