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About 2BalanceU

2BalanceU was founded by Heidi Forbes Öste in 2006 to develop new tools for simplifying how we share and retrieve knowledge online around the globe. Forbes Öste comes from a combined background of knowledge management, education technology, training and international marketing strategy. She is guided by the principles of "Knowlege is Power, Sharing is Powerful."


From 2006-2009 2BalanceU had a particular emphasis on educating on the importance and effectiveness of knowledge sharing across traditional boundaries (geographic, ethnic, size and type of organization, gender). Much effort focused on integrating social tools for knowledge sharing both online and face to face. Partnerships with international organizations and networks lead to opportunties to build a dynamic global network of high level professional women and entrepreneurs in over 100 countries.


Early 2009, the 2BalanceU social community tool was taken offline when it was recognised as counter to the simple philosophy of optimization. Technology had come far enough that another destination was not what was needed, but rather to draw from existing sources was more effective. Forbes Öste continues her involvement in global women's networks and encourages women sharing wisdom.


During the period of development, Forbes Öste has been asked to share her expertise in Social Optimization and her unique approach to combining the importance of the face to face with the online elements of social technologies. She continues to consult, teach and run workshops around the globe. She partners with a select group of implementation experts to enable her clients maximimun impact for their social strategy based on their specific needs.


In Spring 2010, Forbes Öste founded the Forbes Consortium to promote knowledge sharing with various other thought leaders in Social Strategy. The mission is to provide higher quality interactions within the field to benefit both users and the organizations they represent. You can learn more about the Forbes Consortium, on http://forbesconsortium.org or follow on twitter at @forbes_cons



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